What we do

Why not play a friendly match against a competitor ?

Since 2011, we organize inter-company tournaments.
Born with passion by five field hockey passionates, our association specializes in team building through hockey tournaments.

We organize tournaments

Companies compete against each others

Sports evenings in Brussels and others


Is this a hockey team ?

Yes, but we address to companies only. We focuses on team building around the theme of field hockey.

We trust in sports values. We believe that team spirit and friendly competition lead to a profound and positive change in relationships.

Our activity : team building

We want to increase motivation, and promote cooperation. All of that through field hockey tournaments.

The main benefit of team building is to boost your company culture. It may create friendships inside and outside your organization, and uncover hidden talents. It also consolidates your team cooperation, by creating shared happy memories.

Team building also strengthen communication accross collaborators, and therefore inspire productivity and motivation. Finally, it also improves conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

Break up the monotony

Our hockey tournament for companies are periodically inserting fun and joy between work weeks.

Our team building is not a one-time activity. This is a real tournament with match dates, venues and scoring. Your team attend those building exercises regularly, which keeps them happy and working well together.

Keeping boredom at bay raises your team’s engagement and lets them recharge so they can return to work refreshed.

Why hockey ?

We could say that hockey is great workout. It builds muscular strength, promotes weight loss, boosts endurance and improves breathing.

We may also underline it enhances mental strength, improves communication and speed, and builds team work.

However, the truth is that hockey’s our whole life !

For years, this sport is our thing. A real lifestyle. Since 2011, we decided to put this passion to your workforce’s well-being.

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Sponsoring manager : Mr. Gaétan Derenne