Game Conditions

Team composition

To participate, your corporate team must be composed of a minimum 8 players of both genders:

  • 1 goal keeper (by preference)
  • 6 players on the field
  • at least 1 reserve player

We insist on the importance given to the number of girls starting a match. A minimum of 2 girls per team is expected during a match. Girls can be substituted, but the final score of the team will then be penalized by 2 goals punishment per girl missing and substituted.

Substitutions with reserve players are allowed with an unlimited number of times in the course of a game.

The pitch

Games take place only on a third hockey field delimited by borders. The ball is considered out of the pitch only in the case that the ball goes up and behind this border.

As it is the case with soccer, a goal can be scored from every place on the pitch. There is no delimited circle as it is used in the normal rules.

Special rules

  1. Shoots, slap-shoots or high balls (above knee height) except for scoring (and considering that it is not falling in the trajectory of an opponent) are forbidden and will be considered as a fault.
  2. As it is the case with ice-hockey, players are able to play around and behind the goal. If an attacker sends the ball up behind the sideline of the goal or make a fault, than a clearance occurs for the defence in a place of their choice in the clearance zone (behind the yellow line in our drawing indicated with a “2”).
  3. If a fault is accidently made by a defender inside a semi-circle area of 5 meters upfront the goal, than the attackers have to move back the ball in order to be at least 8 meters far from the goal. The ball may not travel directly from a free hit to the attack within the 8 m area without first being touched by another player or being dribbled at least 3 m by a player making a “self-pass”.  If a fault is voluntarily created in this zone, a “one-to-one” duel punishment (as in EHL) is whistled.

Please find the game rules used here.

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